Riders who have toured with us previously are happy to talk to you about their adventure and offer advice on travelling to Viet Nam. We can put you in touch with someone if you contact us and tell us where you are in NZ. A number of riders and pillions have returned with us even in the short time we have been operating.

We issue you with a booklet when you book with us which gives recommendations on what to take with you and some idea about what to expect when you arrive.

Mac & I value the feedback we get from riders and pillions. You benefit from this as we update our information packs after each and every tour and make changes if needed to ensure we exceed expectations!

We hope to have a short DVD available in 2013 from past tours to give you an idea of the terrain and bikes. Some of this video is from riders who have toured with us and want us to use it to encourage others to give it a go!
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What our clients have to say....

"Thanks for the tour of Vietnam, it was a fantastic ride but the heat takes some getting used to. The experience and the people are just the greatest; the thing that sticks with me is the children no older than 6 or 7 looking after their baby brothers and sisters. It is my second trip to Vietnam and I am considering a 3rd. everyone should go to Halong Bay, it’s so different. Everyone needs to experience the overnight train ride, which - yes - I slept all the way.
It was well organised, the distances each day were about right and the accommodation varied from 2 stars to 5 star... The guides were friendly and lots of fun as were the kiwi contingent.
I would definitely recommend the ride; everything was handled professionally and exactly what you would expect on this type of ride - right down to the charcoal".
Ross Jeffery - Christchurch

"The tour leader Chris provided just the right amount of guidance and freedom on the tour. The motorbike tour was the highlight of our time in Vietnam, we were able to enjoy the ride and experience an extraordinary range of environments principally because things that can cause real stress like where to stay, which route to follow and where to eat good local food were attended to efficiently without fuss, leaving us to have an awesome time, thank you Chris."  Adrian & Liz Jull - Wellington

"Chris did everything to make the trip easy - even told me what to pack! This was the first Asia ride I've done and I'm thinking I'll go back with one of my boys! The lunches while on the bikes - a gourmet delight! Keep it up guys we think you're on to a good thing" Austin McCarthy- Dunedin

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