What can I expect to pay?

(As we pay in USD / and Airlines change flights and pricing these rates are subject to change)

We can design a ride specific to you combining any or all of the routes shown at the bottom of this page or you can join one of the rides advertised.

To estimate your cost:
$2500 NZD for your airfare return, visa application and overnight in Singapore on route to Hanoi. This amount can vary depending on which airline and how you decide to get there or you may decide to book your own flights to and from Hanoi. Our price is based on ex Christchurch or Auckland with Singapore Airlines. They have flight times that we find work the best to line-up with the tours.

For days not on the ride allow
$80 per day and $80 (50USD visa on entry)
$250 per day for a ride using a Minsk and $330 per day on a 650cc Ural. Pillion rate is $250 per day. (Remember includes EVERYTHING except your alcohol while on the ride).
We recommend around
$700 - $1000 for spending money for a tour of around 21 days.
Per person this is  around $5,700 - $6,500 plus spending money - fixed quotes for tours are given and a deposit of $3000 is required to secure the tour. We do have payment plans for tours up to 12 months in advance.

Guide for your Travel Time before a ride

To work out how long your tour would or could be here's some guides:

Allow two days to travel to Hanoi.

Singapore Airlines (great times from NZ, over night Singapore arrive Hanoi Lunchtime next day)

Allow 1 - 2 days to acclimatise

We have options of a night on a junk in Harlong Bay or a couple of days around Hanoi including a sidecar ride through the busy city

Note the days noted on the fixed tours

the fixed tour dates are shown below, a personalised one can be made for you based on the number of days you want to ride and or how much you want to see, or type of ride you want.

Allow 1 - 2 days after your tour

Either fly home (over night flight leaves Hanoi at lunchtime, change planes Singapore home in NZ am.


Travel to Cambodia with us (approx. $100 per day per person) for 5 - 7days!


Travel to Laos with us (approx. $110 per day per person) for 5 - 7days


combine all of the above!

Guide Price includes everything on the ride excluding personal spending and alcohol.

Rides down the Ho Chi Minh Trail are more expensive due to the higher grade of hotels used and associated costs like getting the bikes and guides back to Hanoi. Hotels in Hanoi and transfers to the airport are not included in this guide. 

Pillions, whether on a Minsk or Ural, pay the same as if they were riding a Minsk.

Days125cc Minsk650cc Ural
6NZ $1,920NZ $2,442
10NZ $3,000NZ$3,870


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